“It’s a good thing you found PR!”

I hear that all the time. Even as a child, I loved meeting other kids and learning about them. My family was my original audience for my daily “news reports.” In college, I learned more about marketing and public relations, and realized: this is what I want to do.

My college internship solidified that I love every aspect of marketing, but public relations is my favorite discipline. And I have been lucky, very lucky. I found my passion early enough to spend my career doing it. I love crafting the message, telling the story, distributing the message, and seeing the response.

After 15 years of in-house marketing and public relations for professional services and high tech companies, I became my own boss. I love telling the story of so many more businesses – and helping others learn about great products and services. I still get a rush creating marketing and PR plans, seeing the results of a great event or promotion, and watching business owners realize their dreams.